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Welcome to the 3rd International Forum on Islamic Finance 2017

Strategically supported by the Bank of Khartoum, IFIF 2017 is the largest gathering of key African and international leaders in Islamic Finance in the region.  The forum aims to bring leaders from around the world, who are interested in the Islamic finance opportunity in Africa.


This is a unique platform that unites industry leaders from around the globe to discuss the vast opportunities that Islamic Finance has to offer on the African continent.   With the event taking place in Sudan, a leader of Islamic Finance in Africa – we will explore how this industry can play a fundamental role in growth to the region.


The primary aim of IFIF is to highlight the experience of Sudan’s Islamic banks in funding large-scale infrastructure projects, improve trade flows and spur funding for micro, small & medium-sized enterprises.  These areas are of key importance to Africa and represent the most significant opportunity for Islamic finance to contribute to the growth of the non-financial economy.




Demonstrate lean and micro-cost distributions channel innovation that is critical for expansion and roll out in African markets

Identify how to accelerate growth to allow Islamic finance to service the 400 million Muslims and other non-Muslims across Africa

Showcase innovation from African countries such as Sudan and elsewhere that can be shared with other emerging markets

Provide a platform to connect African corporate and government leaders with key stakeholders in Islamic finance such as large multilateral institutions, banks, asset managers, think-tanks

Identify growth opportunities in Africa and explore the role of Islamic finance in realizing these opportunities

Provide fresh perspectives and generate actionable insights for the industry’s development

Provide an outlook on the development of Islamic finance and the regulatory infrastructure needed to facilitate it within Africa

Identify ways to build Islamic finance capabilities in Africa

Islamic Finance in Africa:

As a forerunner in the field, Sudan is the only country in Africa and one of two globally, that has a banking sector that is entirely Islamic.  With this strong heritage, and multi-layered economy, Sudan is a great market to explore and delve into a variety of topics.


With the ability to reach into different economies to build and strengthen relationships, both regionally and globally, this is the ideal platform to discover ways to establish synergy and link with both established and emerging markets.


More countries worldwide are looking to create a stronger presence of Islamic Finance, including those around Africa.  This conference provides the connection and network to assist in this venture, and to give focus to the work that needs to be done.


IFIF 2016 Partners

Who’s Attending?

  1.  International business leaders offering Islamic financial products
  2.  Ministers, policymakers, political leaders, senior government officials from countries with Islamic financial institutions or links to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries
  3.  Technology company C-level executives, business development managers
  4.  Innovators in the financial technology sector
  5.  Ethical finance leaders with current or potential operations in OIC countries
  6.  Business specialists and professionals, mid-level management, business development managers, analysts, risk professionals in the Islamic finance sector
  7.  Senior representatives of multilateral bodies, policy making, stakeholder, infrastructure and export finance/export promotion institutions
  8.  Shariah scholars and advisors
  9.  Lawyers and legal experts
  10.  Professors, academics and journalists

Benefits to our delegates

Benefits to our partners

  1. Gain expert insight into how the Islamic finance industry can engage with African governments, corporates and institutions
  2. Explore how Islamic finance can bring its own value proposition and couple them with African innovations to support greater the economic development of the African continent
  3. Meet more than 250 senior executives from across the global Islamic finance industry
  4. Learn from of the most distinguished and influential speakers
  5. Participate in lively discussions and engage with global thought leaders
  6. Network with key individuals
  7. Understand where Islamic finance industry can engage in Africa’s future growth
  1. Increase your brand promotion and visibility to the international audience assembled at the forum
  2. Network with key stakeholders, decision makers and heads of institutions to generate new business leads
  3. Interact with the participants and showcase your brand at the forum exhibition
  4. Raise your corporate profile in being a leader in developing the Islamic finance industry’s next frontier
  5. Increase your global recognition by utilizing the highly effective marketing engine with a global reach.

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Got inquiries about the conference? Please drop us a line or you may ask @meglobaladvisor on Twitter.

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Aanchal Dhawan

Spread the word via Twitter! #IFIF2017



Got inquiries about the conference? Please drop us a line or you may ask @meglobaladvisor on Twitter.

For Sponsorship, Exhibition and

Delegate Inquiries, please contact:

For Marketing and Media Inquiries:


Aanchal Dhawan

Spread the word via Twitter! #IFIF2017